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2020.1: Evolver evolved into Operating Manual for Floating in Space.

Evolver was an open-source performance platform, researching awareness of the self through conscious movement of the body.

In the work, the audience member is invited to participate actively, executing actions written on provided instruction cards. Through repetition of movements and an emphasis on concentration, focus, determination, strength and mindfulness, the actions motivate the participant to find a center within.
With this open format, the work can be performed or hosted by anyone, provided they use the exact same setup.

The execution of these actions will take place within an energy field— a clear rectangular area on the floor—giving the participant a space in which to find focus.

Hosting Evolver
Evolver invites people to share the performance platform across the globe! Click here for more information.

Action sets

Project by Mylan Hoezen with help of Femke de Vries, John Isaac Gonzales, Mark Berry, Rajiv Khanna, Jennifer Garcia, Lisa Jasperina Bommerson, ETTO and Indexhibit