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Information for host
Information for audience (pdf)
Promo kit
Action cards: Balance, Flow, Constructions

One: Platform information

Evolver is a platform for mindful movement and growing with each iteration.
As an open-source performance platform, the project researches awareness of the self through conscious movement of the body.

In the work, the audience member participates actively, executing actions written on provided instruction cards.

Through repetition of movements and an emphasis on concentration, focus, determination, strength and mindfulness, the actions motivate the participant to find a center within.

The execution of these actions will take place within an energy field— a clear rectangular area on the floor—giving the participant a space in which to find focus.

With this open format, the work can be performed or hosted by anyone, provided they use the exact same setup.

Two: Installation requirements
In order to make your installment of Evolver successful, the requirements below need to be met.


Find a space that is large enough to have at least 10 people in and outside the energy field.

White tape
Get white tape to create a large rectangular shape on the floor. This will be the energy field.


Print enough action cards and information sheets to provide to your audience.
You can download the action cards and the informer sheets on top of this page.


Without audience no work! Let people know you’re hosting the performance. Promote via social media and your local art community. You can find some promotional material here.


Document the performance by placing a camera in front of the energy field. Upload your documentation to the channel or send it via mail.

Three: Hosting Evolver

As the host and organisator of Evolver you are in charge of the set up.

Illustration by ETTO MTAL

This field is an illustration of the Evolver energy field. A rectangular shape with instructions placed in front of it.

When your audience arrives hand them out a information sheet. When everyone is in and silent the performance can start. 
Reserve at least 45 minutes of performance time - this is needed to reach the full potential of the actions.
If you want to go on longer - please do. Everything can happen. Applause to indicate that the performance has ended.

Four: Guidelines
The space is a silent area during the performance

Switch mobile devices off or put them in flight mode

Camera for documentation must be installed in a front-view point

Host must link to the Evolver website in promotion and make use of the promo kit

Not only individuals but also institutions can host Evolver.
Action cards + informer sheets must be printed as stated above

Five: Questions or other inquiries
Write to